Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Bloody Shame

I know this is a fashion site, but after admiring my gorgeous full lashes in the mirror a few minutes ago, I thought it was worth it to tell you about a happy accident. To make it brief...Luggage lost in Paris, awful. Had to go shopping for new stuff, not so bad. Bought a new mascara by L'Oreal called Telescopic, FANTASTIC. No lie, I look like I'm wearing falsies, but in a good way. Not too goopy but still full and lush. Are you ready for the awful twist? When I googled it to grab a picture for you all (and stock pile some myself), I found they are only selling it in the UK! Although all good things born in the UK make their way to the US (The Beatles, Pubs, Jude Law), my Telescopic could not come too soon! Please pick some up for me if anyone hops the pond soon...

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