Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jump Around

Are we too old for Jumpers? I LOVE THEM this fall, but uberconcerned about their age-appropriateness. Anyone want to weigh in on that? Are jumpers ageless? At least this one is more of a pencil skirt, so it's not too kiddy. has some great ones, but they are the fuller ones. I'll buy the one that you all vote for!


Anonymous said...

AKA Gold Button Babydoll Jumper
at dresses/new arrivals at intermix.
Cutesy without going over the top. Length is nice, could be paired with leggings or a nice pair of winter boots, yum

Lanie List said...

Just went to Intermix and found that jumper....LOVE IT and it's officially mine. Think I'll wear a little peter pan collar underneath it tomorrow...thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

How old is too old for a jumper??
I am 35(gulp) and I love the new jumpers out this season. I look younger than my age and am not overweight,so will I look like a fool in a jumper??