Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Move over Mrs. Roper

I'm in LA checking out how they live on the other coast and they have not yet embraced the 80's school girl meets Acapella singer prep look. Instead, they have pulled out Grannies moo-moo dresses for a 70's chic look. Although I love these prints and patterns, they can be rough on a) the wrong skin tone and/or b) in mass, so opt for a mini version especially if you are shorter than 5'9"!

In other LA news, was at Hyde last night and the stars were out! Linds Lohan, Cam and JT, Drew Barrymore and Leelee Sobieski. Drew was sporting a cute 70's printed wrap dress, and Cam and Linds were in all black. The weirdest look was Leelee's high waisted pants that zipped up the back almost all the way to her arms...avant guarde but uncomfortable!

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just found your site, very nice. i'll be back! :)