Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chanel Bow Blouse Babes

Rest assured this girl isn't treading around this outdoor concert in true Chanel, but she is a perfect picture of runway to reality with what looks like vintage purchases. Although her heavy bangs and porcelain skin takes this look to the extreme (almost too extreme), on an average Jane, the bow blouse could be the most exciting update I've seen to tops since the trapeze top!


Anonymous said...

I have been working on Styling (in NYC) ads for a new company, eenamaria, and went crazy for their bags and belt-bags.

The designs are some of the most innovative i've seen, and very utilitarian. I actually already put an order in for their newest collection-Kensington, made of the softest lambskin I've ever felt-maybe even better than the Chanel thigh-high's-take that Karl.

Check out this new brand, www.eenamaria.com, and my styling page, www.myspace.com/jennifersennott

Lanie List said...

Cool stuff! Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

I dig this chicks look. I don't think she looks extreme at all. I love it!