Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ga Ga for Gucci

Not to be a Prada hater, but every season, Prada sends down the runway these frumpy outfits that may speak to the trend-du-jour, but always fail to bowl you over with femininity. Low and behold, you step into the Prada store and find about 10 of their runway looks and 100 basics items.

So I have to give Gucci props, for showing a very wearable line that looks fresh and new and then sticking to it in season. This 1940's retro glam look is the most amazing show I've seen so far this season. Not only is it chock full of new elements: feather prints, Hepburn trousers, Sequin embellishments, but if feels very modern in it's interpretation. Get out the bobby pins...this look is amazing with fingerwaves and berry lips.

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