Monday, February 12, 2007

The Gammy's, I mean Grammy's

Granted there were some beautiful long luxiourious gowns on the red carpet, these are the only three girls that got it right last night. It's not the prom, it's the GRAMMY'S!!! One of the most fun and hip awards shows around. Let's see those gams!!!

What's worse, is when the cameras scanned the crowd, even the common folk thought it is acceptable to wear an updo and a bad bridesmaid dress. How can you get down to Chris Brown with your satin dyed-to-match t-straps?

These gorgesco girls are showing the right amount of show stopping leg. Ever since the return on the sixties mini dress, the leg is the new accessory. And with all this glam happening on the dresses, it is even more appropriate to be short and not look too serious. They are definately going to be the envy of the afterparty set. Who wants to table dance in a hoop skirt?

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