Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lovely Lily...Ghetto Fab is Back!

Obsession of the moment...big gold hoops. Gwen, Fergie, and now Lily are cementing the comeback of ghettofab and I love it!

If you haven't heard of Lily Allen, run don't walk. Her smooth voice is so cute and sweet, you can hardly believe her lyrics are about breakups (being happy to see the ex cry), getting hit on by nasty men, and her brother smoking pot in his bedroom. It's like Liz Phair with Nora Jones voice. Layer on her cool style (trainers with sundresses) and you have a cult classic. Does anyone know where she got her SNL dress? Love how overdramaticly full it is. It laughs at prom.


Admin said...

she looks fantastic, her cloths remember me of one store which have a great collection dollar item

Anonymous said...

I had actually heard of her when a friend asked - I was wearing a dress and tennis shoes, as I've done for years - but somehow I didn't get interested in the music. Now Nora Jones voice is something to look forward to, I'll be checking this up.