Monday, February 26, 2007

Reese's Pieces...vavavoom at the 2007 Oscars

While I'm tempted to comment on multiple winning looks at the Oscars, we all know that many are nominated, but there is always one winner. And this year it is by far Reese Witherspoon in a fab Nina Ricci plum layered gown.

And why? Although it is obvious, let's break it down:

1) FIT-This dress is perfectly nipped at her best asset...her waistline. It is refreshing to see a dress that fits in a real vintage way. Plus we are all sick of people making their cleavage a key part of their look.

2) HAIR-She is rocking the long layers that Gwenyth and Nicole had, but her bangs look so fresh and updated.

3) ATTITUDE-We all love a survivor, but she's not sending out the pathetic Teri Hatcher 'look at me know' vibes. She is truely confident, strong and super sexy.

So firm nod to Rachel Weisz, Jennifer Lopez, and Naomi Watts, but Reese gets the gold.

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