Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker Bends Over Backwards for the Environment

Mrs. Ferris Bueller lives just down the street from me and I see her and the fam quite a bit in the West Village. I've seen little James throw fits, SJP talk to neighbors, and Matthew shoveling the walk. So they pretty much seem like an all American family. Save for times that an Escalade rolls up to pick them up in evening attire for Broadway debuts, movie screenings, etc.

So today I was extremely impressed when the unassuming Prius that was complete with driver came to attention as SJP carried out her stroller. Looks like the Brodericks have downgraded their wheels and upgraded their cool factor in my opinion. If you don't know the Prius, it is has both a gas engine and electric motor, great fuel economy and low emissions. Don't care because you take the subway? Well you'll be surprised to learn that us NY'ers produce as much if not more CO2 than the avg American. Go to stopglobalwarming.org to learn more.

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