Friday, February 23, 2007

You CAN Mix Your Whites

A loyal 'PS' fan recently asked me if he could a) wear white in the winter and b) mix different shades of white. Well OF COURSE you can wear white in the winter...that trend has been around a couple of seasons now. The question is whether you are bold enough to brave the glaring looks of tradtionalist who are dying for Memorial Day to arrive so they can gleam in their best whites. (PS. I don't recommend exercising this trend in the state of Texas).

But can you mix whites? I would have initially said no...actually seems kind of weird to me. But low and behold, several Menswear designers show various shades of cream and white mixed in the same outfit, Valentino and Vuitton to name just a few. Now these aren't rebel design teams, they are well established high end brands, so if they say it's ok...go nuts! Just make sure leave the white patent dress shoes to Cousin Eddy.

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