Friday, March 30, 2007

Pat Field for Payless

I interrupt posting of the Europe trends for some breaking news. Not only is famed Sex and the City and the Devil Wears Prada stylist, Patricia Field, designing a line for Payless, but Payless is actually doing an amazing job of marketing the line. Check out this hip sitelet.

Pat wore Payless to the Oscars this year. And looked pretty stunning...does this woman age well or what!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Diggin Gap Boyfriend Fit Khakis

Now I thought for sure with the dismal news coming out of the Gap in the past year, they wouldn't have anything worth viewing this season. So it wasn't until I was window shopping in Paris and ran across the cutest outfit that I actually fell into the Gap. I avoid all of the NYC Gaps because I know where each it located, but scouring windows overseas, I don't know what stores I'm looking at until something catches my eye and I walk in.
And this is what caught my eye this time. I haven't been so into white shirts and khakis since Mad About You. But this androgynous look, baggy pants, fitted top, swing jacket, has a newer look. It's not really baggy over baggy like it was in the 90's. There is a bit of a Audrey Hepburn look. Just in time for all of the cute ballet flats infultrating the country.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hey Sexy Bumblebee

Yeah I know it sounds funny, but when I saw my friend Patty wearing a black pencil skirt, fab black Dior heels, and a shocking yellow sweater, it just rolled off my tongue. But knowing she had just come back from Europe, I realize now, sitting in my Paris hotel, what she just saw. Everyone is wearing black and yellow. It's part mod part matrix and definately leaves you looking like the queen bee. Not sure if I'm ready for it yet...especially with my 2 month old shade of blonde. Not good with most yellow hues. But I'm definately ready for Spring and this screams it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Bubblicious at BCBG

Now I admittedly embarrassed myself in a bubble skirt this past season, but I'm not quite over trying out volume shapes yet. I think I can give it one more try with the hottest bubble o' the moment, the bubble sleeve. This look is most appropriate for spring or summer, because trust me, it is impossible to wear a jacket over this look without having lumpy arms. It's also better when it's warm because the rule of thumb on volume sleeves is keep the silhouette short and sexy elsewhere. If you try this look in a long or full dress, you'll need to belt in at the waist to make it slenderizing. DO NOT do volume all over. It's important to show off something slim, whether its a long lean leg or a waistline. The skinny mini is the newest length because it gives you a 60's twiggy look.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Ben Kweller Is So Puppy

Don't worry, I'm over this word in about 15 hours. But last night, I decided that the sweetest, nicest, most lovely things in the world are 'puppy'. My friend Leslie and her fiance Olly cuddling in the corner are puppy, Tom Gray's smile is puppy, and Ben Kweller is just all around puppy!
But wait, there's more. Ben has quite a cool style, which is why he warrants a blog entry. Last night, he was very 'Chips Ahoy'...a nautical twist but with a yummy humor about it. Check out the head to toe...striped shirt: tres francais, gray jeans: very now, tiny blazer: brooklyn chic, and a cool cap. Captain oh my captain.

I also dig the curls, the songs, and most of all his attitude. He gushed about his grandma on stage, interacted with the crowd all night, and added my fav song, Run, to his set list just because my friend JB requested it. What a guy! Check out this link to see his g-ma getting down on trl. Vote for the video while you're at it!

And speaking of what a guy...a special shoutout to JB (aka John-Be-On-Dough-Lil-Oh) for getting 'Run' added to the set. That was the highlight of my 2007 so far! You're so puppy John!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bringing Back the Dittos

Daniella Clarke, the hot designer responsible for Frankie B lowriders, is bringing back one of her first loves...Dittos. Dittos was a huge late 70's, early 80's brand that focused on tight t's and high waisted jeans in bright colors. And on the front end of the high waist revolution, the timing couldn't be more perfect. This will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe in fun electro bright colors. And perfect with this summers casual comfort wedge. Bring back the rainbows and unicorns and your euphoric summer is complete.

The line ships to better stores (Bendel's, Intermix, Lisa Kline, etc) on March 30th.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How High Can You Go?

As I sat on a barstool with my very hot date last night, it dawned on me that I was wearing my 'standing room only' jeans. Meaning, if I'm in the sitting postition, rest assured my bum is being beared to the general public. Definate reason to not sit at the bar stool the makes your backside face the restaurant patrons. You just end up being a 'yanker' all night...making sure your sweater stretches as far is it can go to mind the gap between your jeans and your top.

Which is why I'm finally ready for the high waisted pant. I was afraid I would get 1980 mom's butt...the elongated backside view that makes your behind look like it's 1/3 of your total body height. But I've found the key to this look is making sure the mid-section of your pants, that is, the section from the top of the pant to just below the belly button, has a corset effect and actually looks like a seperate piece. It should have some sort of seam around your low waist, so you get all the beauty of a long torso, but the added benefit of a tiny weeny pinched waist. Now the only thing to bring back is the vintage exercises with the belly band or the broomstick so you can nip that waist in!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Scarlett Loves Reebok-BIG Disappointment!

So Scarlett's line for Reebok debuted yesterday...and the fact that you've probably heard nothing about it is no accident! The line is about 6 styles and a couple of colors...including the ever exciting white and gray? Maybe things fizzled out in the partnership after she spend her last six months concentrating on LV and JT...but the design team at Reebok could have AT LEAST come up with something presentable. With so many design partnerships happening today (Stella for Adidas, Madonna for H&M, everyone cool for Target,etc) celebrity names are just par for the course. You have to have cool design to back it up. Shame on you Reebok.

BTW...good luck finding it on as they make no mention of it. Click here to see the handful of styles.

Lanie Learns to Krump

I'm OBSESSED with, so much that I just burned a half hour finding the cutest Lanie version I could create. And I thought turning myself into an elf on was cool!

Meez allows you to select from oodles of hairstyles, eye colors, outfits, settings, you name it! They even have ethnic face features which is a step up from the games my niece *makes* me play with her. Welcome meez Lanie to the PS blog...I'll try to update her outfits and her settings often (she is krumping for a limited time only).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Scarlett Johansson Fell From Heaven

As if I needed another reason to adore Scarlett Johansson, I came across these pictures of her in the Spring LV campaign. I love the style of these photos with a porcelain type finish. Dior is doing something similar this season with color that looks like it came straight off of the white range of a paint store.

Scarlett is a mix of natural beauty and imperfection. She has such a reality to her voice, style, attitude. I imagine Scarlett is cool and smooth, but can still be the girl that text messages a guy too much after a breakup and regrets it.