Friday, March 09, 2007

Ben Kweller Is So Puppy

Don't worry, I'm over this word in about 15 hours. But last night, I decided that the sweetest, nicest, most lovely things in the world are 'puppy'. My friend Leslie and her fiance Olly cuddling in the corner are puppy, Tom Gray's smile is puppy, and Ben Kweller is just all around puppy!
But wait, there's more. Ben has quite a cool style, which is why he warrants a blog entry. Last night, he was very 'Chips Ahoy'...a nautical twist but with a yummy humor about it. Check out the head to toe...striped shirt: tres francais, gray jeans: very now, tiny blazer: brooklyn chic, and a cool cap. Captain oh my captain.

I also dig the curls, the songs, and most of all his attitude. He gushed about his grandma on stage, interacted with the crowd all night, and added my fav song, Run, to his set list just because my friend JB requested it. What a guy! Check out this link to see his g-ma getting down on trl. Vote for the video while you're at it!

And speaking of what a guy...a special shoutout to JB (aka John-Be-On-Dough-Lil-Oh) for getting 'Run' added to the set. That was the highlight of my 2007 so far! You're so puppy John!

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