Monday, March 12, 2007

Bubblicious at BCBG

Now I admittedly embarrassed myself in a bubble skirt this past season, but I'm not quite over trying out volume shapes yet. I think I can give it one more try with the hottest bubble o' the moment, the bubble sleeve. This look is most appropriate for spring or summer, because trust me, it is impossible to wear a jacket over this look without having lumpy arms. It's also better when it's warm because the rule of thumb on volume sleeves is keep the silhouette short and sexy elsewhere. If you try this look in a long or full dress, you'll need to belt in at the waist to make it slenderizing. DO NOT do volume all over. It's important to show off something slim, whether its a long lean leg or a waistline. The skinny mini is the newest length because it gives you a 60's twiggy look.

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Pret a Porter P said...

I don't get to shop from BCBG very often, but lately I've been noticing their stuff A LOT. Gorgeous luxe bags, beautiful runway kaftan dresses, and (as always) gorgeous suits. Even their styling in their booklets has always been on point.