Sunday, March 18, 2007

Diggin Gap Boyfriend Fit Khakis

Now I thought for sure with the dismal news coming out of the Gap in the past year, they wouldn't have anything worth viewing this season. So it wasn't until I was window shopping in Paris and ran across the cutest outfit that I actually fell into the Gap. I avoid all of the NYC Gaps because I know where each it located, but scouring windows overseas, I don't know what stores I'm looking at until something catches my eye and I walk in.
And this is what caught my eye this time. I haven't been so into white shirts and khakis since Mad About You. But this androgynous look, baggy pants, fitted top, swing jacket, has a newer look. It's not really baggy over baggy like it was in the 90's. There is a bit of a Audrey Hepburn look. Just in time for all of the cute ballet flats infultrating the country.


Anonymous said...

i agree. i haven't seen anything i've liked from gap in a long time. but this new look is sort of reminiscent of audrey hepburn and a pretty bold look than the usual "safe" pieces they sell.

AmyCarriereDesign said...

I actually hit the GAP this weekend & fell in love with a pair of pleated - I could hardly believe it! - baggy grey pants with an almost paper bag waist. Their very trouser-y & the palest grey - so neutral! But they are definitely superior to the baggies of the 90's. Thank god for updates, right?

Lanie List said...

I'm heading to gap today! I'm kind of bummed because I didn't buy this outfit when I was in Paris, but now, I don't see that jacket online or the pleated railroad stripe pants I saw in the window. I hoped they shipped them to the states!