Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How High Can You Go?

As I sat on a barstool with my very hot date last night, it dawned on me that I was wearing my 'standing room only' jeans. Meaning, if I'm in the sitting postition, rest assured my bum is being beared to the general public. Definate reason to not sit at the bar stool the makes your backside face the restaurant patrons. You just end up being a 'yanker' all night...making sure your sweater stretches as far is it can go to mind the gap between your jeans and your top.

Which is why I'm finally ready for the high waisted pant. I was afraid I would get 1980 mom's butt...the elongated backside view that makes your behind look like it's 1/3 of your total body height. But I've found the key to this look is making sure the mid-section of your pants, that is, the section from the top of the pant to just below the belly button, has a corset effect and actually looks like a seperate piece. It should have some sort of seam around your low waist, so you get all the beauty of a long torso, but the added benefit of a tiny weeny pinched waist. Now the only thing to bring back is the vintage exercises with the belly band or the broomstick so you can nip that waist in!

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