Friday, March 02, 2007

Scarlett Loves Reebok-BIG Disappointment!

So Scarlett's line for Reebok debuted yesterday...and the fact that you've probably heard nothing about it is no accident! The line is about 6 styles and a couple of colors...including the ever exciting white and gray? Maybe things fizzled out in the partnership after she spend her last six months concentrating on LV and JT...but the design team at Reebok could have AT LEAST come up with something presentable. With so many design partnerships happening today (Stella for Adidas, Madonna for H&M, everyone cool for Target,etc) celebrity names are just par for the course. You have to have cool design to back it up. Shame on you Reebok.

BTW...good luck finding it on as they make no mention of it. Click here to see the handful of styles.

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