Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life's Biggest Fashion Dilemma-Wedding Dress

When I say i need new boots, I typically mean I need one pair. However, it is not uncommon to come home with two or three. So imagine my perplexion (if it's not a word, it should be...work with me here) when I realized shopping for one wedding dress means I can only come home with one. Unless I pretend to be Eva Langoria Parker or stage an unfortunate 'ripping' of my wedding dress mid-way through the reception, I can't envision how i can do a costume change without some raised eyebrows and that 'what a diva' glare. Therefore, I will spend the next few months scouring the market and agonizing every day about the perfect ONE. I'll give in...but I'm not too happy about it. To get the ball rolling...here is what I'm loving now: Torn Flowers.  Anyone see any good ones I should know about?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I came upon this site by accident, but I was reading it and wanted to let you know that my sister was just married in October and had a beautiful, but very heavy, beaded gown she wore for the ceremony. After dinner and after going around to greet everyone (which gave them a chance to see her gorgeous gown up close) she changed into an equally pretty dress, but one that was much lighter and allowed her to dance during the reception. It just seemed like the practical thing to do.

It's your wedding...wear as many gowns as you want!! :)