Saturday, April 11, 2009

Current Elliott Boyfriend Jean=Good Investment

I so thought I would breeze over the boyfriend jean trend without having to engage. If they make even Katie Holmes look frump, I had no chance in them. But on a recent Europe trip, after about three days in the same skinny jeans, I needed some jean liberation. I was sick of a) wearing the same jeans and b) feeling like I was busting out of the skinnies with each night's creme brulee. So I went on the cheap and bought a nice comfy pair of generic boyfriend jeans...I mean, why pay the big ticket for a trend that will be over before it began. Here comes the testimonial: I've worn them at least four days out of each week since I got them. I pop them on to walk the dog, I wear them when i want to feel skinny (since you will drown in any good fitting pair) and I merch em up with heels sometimes and wear them at night. So by now, I have invested in the Current Elliott pair, they are now in frequent rotation, and I won't skimp on a good thing again. They are like my new wooby! Check out all their great new styles at


Untitled said...

ooh fabulous!!! ive been quite hesitant on wearing this new trend...but they sound surprisingly versatile!

andrea said...

i for one love this trend

ed hardy said...

Awesome. I love this, your article so interesting. Thank you for sharing.